2017: an EEExtraordinary Year

It is time for me to celebrate the conclusion of an absolutely extraordinary year and my first birthday on virtual worlds. Exactly one year ago I shyly joined my first EVO class on Second Life. It was not my first EVO class, neither was it my first day on that virtual world – I just […]

Celebrating Through Arts in Virtual Worlds

Human beings remain human even when they wear the most extraordinary avatars in a completely digital (mind, not “unreal”) environment, and therefore keep busy having fun, socializing and creating. Wherever it is possible to have the three aspects together, avatars multiply and thrive. I would not say, nevertheless, that this is nothing “serious”. Very often […]

Immaterial Archeology

When I phone my far-away elderly mom, she wants the latest news from the worlds out there. Think of her, living through H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, Philip Dick, Star Treck, Star Wars and Avatar, to her own daughter teleporting! Think of her precious precious feelings and reflections about the fast-changing world! They will soon be […]