Reflections for The Perfect Ebook (EVO)

The perfect ebook? Who for? Because there’s a range of possible answers. If I’m relaxing, I want to enjoy something without being too active. A degree of choice (extra pictures, extra information) is fine, but I wouldn’t want to be clicking on buttons all the time.

Similarly, how active do I want my students to be?

The perfect grammar ebook will have explanations to be read (links to flipped videos?), possibly comics or film excerpts to see the items as they are used in authentic language, plus interactive activities for practice.

But this way I am still thinking of an ebook as a UNIT. I think this is not the best way to use the net – unless we want to relax, and most pupils definitely want to relax, at school 😦

The perfect ebook still has to be written. Will ALWAYS have to be written, because it will be your own path through (about? around?) knowledge.

How do I see the publishers’ contribution to education, then? I see it as an offer of tools plus a collection of resources. For example, an essential guide to a topic plus a collection of possible resources that are related to that topic. Then the students would be designing and creating their own routes, with the teacher’s encouragement, assistance and directions.

But meanwhile, before sleeping I would want my good ol’ paper books… something to be touched, smelled and enjoyed 😉


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