Integrating Edmodo and Google Drive

This is my first experience of international collaboration between one of my classes and a group of foreign students.

Last September I had the great luck of reading a post by a Greek teacher in one of the Edmodo professional groups I’m a member of. He was looking for a partner for a project on human trafficking. Dimitris Pallas, this is his name, turned out to be a very collaborative partner, indeed a precious one and somebody you can learn from. Together we have been creating a complex blended project which is founded on effective online-only communication between students residing in different countries. An alternative to European Union eTwinning projects, in a way, and so a possible model for inter-continental projects.

This is just to give you the context. The interesting point here – what prompts me to publish this post – is the relevance and possible application of the technique described in the video. Online you can find plenty of how-to videos about Google Drive or Edmodo, but there are not so many about integrating them.



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