First thing you sign up, next you are faced with an important choice. Who are you going to be? Young? Old?(not old: old is taboo these days; no choice given) Male? Female? Human? Non human? Different skin colours are provided, luckily (but NOT very very dark).

Look at that collection of living beings… Don’t they look like Hollywood?? Just compare those choices to the avatar that the Italian educational sim “EdMondo” provides:

newborn-citizens_2Oh, my! What is that? Italian creativity goodbye!
What is more interesting is the way the Italian choice is offered. Rather than “classical/vampires/robots” (not “cartoons” for problems of royalties, I suspect), you have:

NEUTRAL?  That fires wild reflections…
Wasn’t the Vatican looking?!?basic-man
Well, nobody chooses “neutral” anyway. “Male” looks gorgeous enough, from behind. But please, those garments!
What about me? After some exploration, I found what they would call my avatar in Second Life: Regular.



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