Identity in Virtual Worlds


Man, woman, zombie or robot? Is this serious? Because if it is, I want to look like myself. Woman. Short dark brown hair. Shortish. Well, if possible, not SO short. Longer hair? Well, who will notice anyway? I quite like that red hue…

I feel reasonably comfortable with my received avatar, I must be identifying with my gender and my young looks do not disturb me. Do I not feel younger inside anyway.

I don’t like these clothes. Trytrytrytry changechangechange….. Aaaaggghhh! I’m naked!!!! Where the heck have my clothes gone? I mean, my avatar is naked. What is THAT avatar looking at?? Shameshameshame. I must be nuts, feeling ashamed of a non-existent body (body?) of mine. Don’t they have changing rooms in here?

I realize identity is a serious issue. Marketing must have been busy in Linden Labs. Still, there are individual choices. Why not a male or black avatar? Barbie-like blonde hair? Big boobs for a change? Shy-me in a buxom body. Funny feeling. Feel important.

[In real world] What if I was wearing my SL body? (Walking more confidently) After all, I AM my avatar. It’s inside. It’s my other me.

Look at that girl. She doesn’t need a mesh body for sure!

[inworld, after THREE weeks] oh my God, I had not realized…. I chose my younger daughter’s name and my elder daughter’s looks!!!
Who AM I?


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