Celebrating Through Arts in Virtual Worlds

Deads night_006

Human beings remain human even when they wear the most extraordinary avatars in a completely digital (mind, not “unreal”) environment, and therefore keep busy having fun, socializing and creating. Wherever it is possible to have the three aspects together, avatars multiply and thrive.

I would not say, nevertheless, that this is nothing “serious”. Very often the activities of organizing entertainment, socializing and creating are seriously undertaken indeed and bring remarkable fruits.

A couple of months back I had the pleasure of being invited to a celebration of the “Dia de los Muertos”, Mexican style, by an artist I had met at an event in Second Life. At the time I had not realized her artistic qualities yet, as the event was a sort of “symbolical dinner” with the guests discoursing about myth, or something like that. In fact our hosts were myth experts.

The celebration Hephaistos Semyorka (this is her name in Second Life) invited me to, had been carefully and artistically planned. Apart from the high-quality entertainment, the place was rich in visual suggestions. The trained eye will find references to famous works of arts, while others are completely original. Have a look and enjoy!
(incidentally, the author is a real-life artist based in Tucson, USA)

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