Entrance into Second Life

I had dreamed of joining the Second Life course in EVO for a couple of years. I had even signed up and chosen an avatar but no, it had been impossible, due to my engagement as a co-moderator in the eTextbooks course (thank you again, Shelly Terrell!) THIS was the year, I thought at the […]


Hey you, publishing companies!

So, this is the end of a 5-week-long journey in EVO 2014. This year (my first, but hopefully the first in a long series) I joined the online workshop called “Crafting the ePerfect eTextbook” and have not repented. I suppose we “teacher-students” were a sort of world-wide focus group that must have been closely observed […]

EVO: una grande opportunità per imparare!

Oggi si sono aperte le iscrizioni all’EVO (Electronic Village Online). Si tratta di un evento mondiale rivolto agli insegnanti di inglese ma non solo: anche agli insegnanti CLIL e a tutti coloro che sono interessati all’uso delle nuove tecnologie nella didattica. EVO offre diversi corsi di 5 settimane completamente gratuiti e guidati da persone di […]