Linear vs Non-Linear (eTextbooks) – The 2015 Overview

THE eleven months separating the amazing 2014 EVO ePerfect eTextbook session and the current session have brought me plenty of experience, fruitful mistakes, breakthroughs and reflections. Let’s observe our good old paper textbooks before we dump them. When they are good, they provide careful, neat organization of content, which is coherent, consistent and well-designed. Students […]

Hey you, publishing companies!

So, this is the end of a 5-week-long journey in EVO 2014. This year (my first, but hopefully the first in a long series) I joined the online workshop called “Crafting the ePerfect eTextbook” and have not repented. I suppose we “teacher-students” were a sort of world-wide focus group that must have been closely observed […]

EVO Week 3: linear or non-linear? (Part 2)

That is the big question. Whether ’tis better for the class to suffer Pages and pages in outrageous fonts, Or to take arms against a sea of apps… Well, it depends. I’ve tried to imagine a series of different situations: SLOW, UNSTABLE CONNECTION Linearity is immaterial, everything must be downloadable CONTENT-FOCUSED GOALS Blended, with a […]

EVO Week 3 (Frustration week): linear or non-linear?

Black or white? Mars or Venus? Mainly visual or mainly textual? How skilled are my students at detecting visual syntax? Because I’m completely illiterate. Do they read comics? Yes, but only a few of them. Do they paint? Certainly not! Are they Photoshop wizards? Well, two or three in an average class of twenty-something will […]