Immaterial Archeology

When I phone my far-away elderly mom, she wants the latest news from the worlds out there. Think of her, living through H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, Philip Dick, Star Treck, Star Wars and Avatar, to her own daughter teleporting! Think of her precious precious feelings and reflections about the fast-changing world! They will soon be […]


Techno Tower of Babel

When I told my (wonderful) first instructors that a SecondLifese-English glossary was much needed, they found the idea interesting. After long bewilderment and a few glorious misunderstandings, rezzing and prims and huds acquired some meaning and I started speaking the same way, basically for lack of alternatives. Now there’s this little problem. I have absolutely […]

There’s a big universe, out there!

I meant to go slowly. I meant. I had imagined I would write reflectively about my experiences in Second Life, one after the other in the neat way a blog requires. But virtual worlds are real whirls of experience. They are AA: absolutely addictive. So here am I, in the middle of a (virtual) world […]